Scrambled Egg Bagels with Smoked Salmon, Lime & Coriander


Ever since I watched Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs video on YouTube, I have never seasoned my eggs before cooking or mixed milk in my eggs again. This method is foolproof the eggs come out creamy every time and hey just taste so much better. Watch this video, it’ll change your scrambled egg making life for ever 😉

This is the perfect breakfast to treat your precious mom on Mother’s day ❤


4 large free-range eggs
1 knob of butter
1 heaped tablespoon crème fraîche
4 bagels
150 g smoked salmon
1 small bunch coriander
2 limes
Cayenne pepper

Serves 2
Preparation 5 minutes
Cooking time 5 minutes

Place a griddle pan on high heat, cut the bagels and place a tiny dollop of butter on each. Place in the pan and toast.

Get the salmon out of the fridge and evenly divide into 2 portions, slice the limes and wash the coriander.

Watch the video to learn how to make the eggs. Once the eggs are cooked place them on top of the toasted bagels, top with smoked salmon, coriander, a dusting of cayenne pepper and a squeeze of lime.


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