9 Soup Recipes That Will Change Your Life


A good soup can really change your life, the options are endless, in fact you should never make the same soup twice. A soup can be a great starter or a bigger bowl can be the best comforting main.

Here are 9 of my favourite soups, click on the recipe title to view the whole recipe.

One:  Butternut Soup

This is THE best butternut soup recipe ever, it is so smooth and thick! It is so easy to make and is perfect for a cold winter’s night or a dinner party.


Two: Tomato Soup

Tomato soup cooked properly can put anyone in a good mood, even people who don’t like tomatoes love this soup ❤


Three:  Heavenly zucchini Soup with Leeks & Basil 

This soup is a real showstopper, the flavour combination is really out of this world.


Four: Red Lentil & Carrot Soup 

This soup is the bomb, the curry kick goes so well with the coconut milk and the coriander pesto, a delightful meal – good for starters or as a main meal for during the week.


Five: My Mom’s Famous Chicken Soup 

Chicken soup AKA Jewish penicillin is packed with goodness and flavour and will warm your heart and soul in an instant.


Six: Delectable Vegetable Soup 

This is one of my favourite soups, you can go crazy with Italian flavours and the pasta rice adds a delicious oomph to the meal.


Seven: Polish Duck Soup 

I know duck is very expensive but if you’re sick of serving the same boring dishes this winter, this soup is definitely for you. I usually serve this dish as a main course as it is very filling. I love placing a piece of bread at the bottom of the soup bowl, I find it adds an extra depth of flavour and texture to the meal.


Eight: Asian Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup

Oooo how I love chicken and sweetcorn soup, this recipe is super easy to make, make A LOT people will definitely come back for seconds and thirds.


Nine: Meat-Free Monday Minestrone

It is so great that you can buy a soup mix from your local supermarket and jazz it up with so many delicious winter flavours. This is the perfect Meat-Free Monday meal ❤


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