Plant-based Shimeji Broth

Seeing as though I am going to be working from home for the foreseeable future we have started slow cooking a lot of meals. This easy peasy broth recipe literally takes 5 minutes to prepare and it cooks the whole day while you work. Using miso really helps to add the much needed umami flavour. The beauty of this recipe is that you can use any ingredients you have in your fridge/freezer, you’re as limited as your imagination.


For the Broth:

1 soup pack (carrots, turnips, celery etc.), chopped
brown onion, skin on, chopped in half
1 tsp whole coriander seeds, bashed
1 cinnamon quill
2 sticks of lemon grass, bashed
1-2 chilies, roughly chopped
5 cm thumb ginger, bashed
2  garlic cloves, bashed
1.2 liters boiling vegetable stock (granules)
1 tbsp miso paste
Ground black pepper
1 bay leaf


1 tsp sesame oil
1 punnet of Shimeji mushrooms, keep some fresh aside for toppings
1 block of firm tofu, cubed
250grams noodles, I used GF rice noodles
1 bunch pak choi, chopped
1 garlic clove, crushed
2-3 spring onions, chopped
1 tbsp Kikkoman light soya sauce
1 tbsp Mirin
1 tbsp sesame seeds, dry toasted on the stove
1 handful fresh coriander, roughly torn
Pickled Ginger
Chili oil


Serves 2-4 people 
Preparation 10 minutes
Cooking time 5 hours (for the broth) 10 minutes for the meal

Place a heavy-bottomed pot on medium heat, add all the broth ingredients into the pot with the boiling water. Simmer for 5 hours, or however long you have, minimum time 1 hour.

Once broth is cooked, get rid of the mushie vegetables by using a fine sieve. Return the clear broth to the pot. Chuck the veggies as all the nutrients have been transferred to broth. Taste to adjust seasoning.

Once you’re ready to eat, place a frying pan on high heat and fry the spring onions, garlic & shimejis in some sesame oil. Once golden brown add the mirin, soya and sugar and cook for 1 minute, sprinkle the toasted sesame seeds.

Add the noodles into the broth and cook until ready, DO NOT BOIL. Once noodles are done add cubed tofu and chopped pak choi.

To serve top with sticky mushrooms, fresh mushrooms, chili oil, pickled ginger and coriander.

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