Fancy Tuna Salad

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This is the perfect meal for a Monday night. It is healthy and so delicious and you can make it as fancy as you like. I give people the option to add the tuna to their salads, as I find adding it before hand makes it soggy, and no one likes a soggy salad.


1 bag of mixed lettuce leaves (rocket, watercress, iceberg, red leaf)
1 punnet baby tomatoes
1 carrot, julienned
2 potatoes, skinned and cut into disks
1 avo, cut into chunks
1/2 a packet of ready-made croutons
3 boiled eggs
2 tins of tuna in water
1 red onion, sliced
1 tsp pumpkin seeds
1 tsp sunflower seeds

Extra virgin olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Salt and pepper

Serves 4-5
Preparation 20 minutes

Place a small pot on high-heat, with cold water and the three room temperature eggs. Once the water comes to the boil, boil the eggs for 7-8 minutes.  Place another pot on high-heat and add boiling salted water, boil the potatoes until soft (roughly 20 minutes).

While the potatoes are boiling, in a large salad bowl add the greens, tomatoes, carrots, red onion and seeds. Mix all the ingredients with your hands so the ingredients are distributed evenly.

Once the potatoes and the eggs are boiled, peel, cut and place them in the salad with the croutons and the avocado. In a seperate bowl add the tuna, the juice of 1 lemon, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper.

Take to the table and enjoy.


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