Tapas-Style Brunch


There is nothing better than a tapas-style brunch. Good bread, meat, dips, salad, cheese and wine and you’re good to go. Always remember to buy your ingredients fresh. Woolworths and Fournos have the best range of meats, bread and cheese ❤

I have a massive collection of wooden boards and cute little bowls, they are the best things to use for a brunch.


A range of cured meats (Salami, chorizo, pastrami, ham, smoked chicken, parma ham)
125g chicken liver patѐ
A selection of cheese (camembert, brie, blue, gorgonzola, Boerenkaas)
Marinated artichokes (Woolworths/Fournos)
My tangy pickled mushrooms
Stuffed green olives
Onion marmalade
Preserved figs and watermelon
1 loaf garlic bread
1 loaf ciabatta
1 loaf olive ciabatta
Good quality butter
A couple of bottle of good quality white wine 😉

For the salad:

Mixed lettuce
2 avos, chopped
½ a packet baby tomatoes
½ cup kalamata olive
1 red onions, chopped
1 packet Maggi 2 minute noodles
Extra virgin olive oil
Good quality balsamic
My  Savoury Praline 

Serves 10
Preparation 30 minutes

Get out: 4 boards, 1 large salad bowl and 7 small bowls.Place the white wine in the fridge.

Preheat the oven to 180°C. 

Chuck all the delicious salad ingredients into a large bowl. Bash up the noodles in the packet and then lay them out on an oven tray. Toast in the oven for 5 minutes (tossing occasionally). Take them out of the oven and cool. Once cooled sprinkle over salad along with the savoury praline.

Place the bread in the oven, until warm.

Transfer the artichokes, taramasalata, patѐ, olives, preserved figs & melon, and sauerkraut into small bowls and take to the table. Lay out the meat and cheese on separate boards. Once the bread is warm, cut and place on boards- take everything to the table.




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