9 Chicken Recipes you’ll Fall in Love With


Chicken is one of my favourite ingredients. It is SO versatile, you can literally eat chicken the whole week and not get sick of it. So, instead of going to a restaurant to cure your chicken cravings here are 9 epic recipes you’re sure to fall in love with 🙂

Click on the recipe title for the full recipe.

1. My Dad’s Amazing Spatchcock Chicken 

My Dad’s Amazing Spatchcock Chicken

 2. Rosemary & Lime Chicken 

Rosemary and lime chicken

 3. Summer Stuffed Chicken 

Summer Stuffed Chicken


4. Grilled Chicken with a  Warm Green Bean Salad

Grilled Chicken with a Warm Green Bean Salad

5.Roast Chicken with Lemon grass & Lime 

Roast chicken with lemongrass and lime

6. Tuscan-Style Chicken 


 7. Slow-roasted Chicken with a White Wine Sauce 


8. Curried Chicken Livers 

Curried chicken livers

9. Thai Green Chicken Curry 

Thai Green Curry

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