5 Day Healthy Eating Plan


5 day meal plans are the best.  Planning what you’re going to eat for dinner makes healthy eating simple and enjoyable. It is kind of impossible to plan all of your meals for the week, but planning what you are going to have for dinner is manageable.

Everyone has time constraints, one way to reduce the burden of cooking during the week is to buy as many ingredients as you can in one go, don’t forget that you can freeze your meat/chicken.

I’d suggest eating a vegetarian dish at least once a week, then you can decide how many chicken, meat (beef/pork) and fish dishes you feel like. I usually eat red meat and fish once a week.

All of these recipes can be eaten without carbs, as I try not eat carbs at night. I don’t limit myself on the weekends 😉

Click on the recipe title for the full recipe.

Meat-Free Monday

Meat-Free Mondays are the current trend, after pigging out the whole weekend your body needs some healthy food to boost your metabolism. My chosen veggie dish is my amazingly simple stuffed butternut dish.

Roasted Stuffed Butternut with ricotta, basil and sun-dried tomatoes


Tuesday – Fish 

Fish is a nutrient-dense food. It’s a good source of protein – most varieties contain around 20 grams of protein per 85 g serving, the same as meat.

One Pot Veggie Broth with Salmon


Wednesday – Chicken 

Soups are fabulous week night meals, they can be frozen and last long in the fridge.My go to soup recipe is my mom’s amazing chicken soup.

My Mom’s Chicken Soup 

Chicken Soup

Thursday – Beef/pork

This is a gorgeous week night recipe, you can either use beef strips or free-range pork fillets. This meal takes no time to cook and all the ingredients can be bought at the beginning of the week.

Hoisin Sesame Lettuce Wraps 

Lettuce wraps

Friday – Chicken

This Korean BBQ chicken recipe is the perfect friday night meal, it is so unbelievably flavoursome and the sweet potato chips are a lovely treat.

Korean BBQ Chicken 

Korean BBQ chicken

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