5 Day Carb-Free Eating Plan


Meal plans are the best.  Planning what you’re going to eat for dinner makes healthy eating simple and enjoyable. Although it’s kind of impossible to plan all of your meals for the week, planning what you are going to have for dinner is manageable.

Everyone has time constraints, one way to reduce the burden of cooking during the week is to buy as many ingredients as you can in one go, don’t forget that you can freeze your meat/chicken.

I’d suggest eating a vegetarian dish at least once a week, then you can decide how many chicken, meat (beef/pork) and fish dishes you feel like.

Click on the recipe title for the full recipe.


Meat-Free Mondays are the current trend, after pigging out the whole weekend your body needs some healthy food to boost your metabolism. My chosen veggie dish is my amazingly simple Chilli Con Veggie.

Chilli Con Veggie 



Slow-Roasted Chicken with White Wine Sauce 

This slow-roasted chicken recipe is the bomb! Although it takes a bit of time to cook, the preparation time is minimum.



Beef & Beer Stew 

This is the best mid-week meal. If you have a pressure cooker, you can cook this meal in no time. If you don’t, no stress, you just need to plan accordingly. The stew is packed with so many different flavours and goodness, you really don’t miss the carbs.



Hake with Olives & An Easy Tomato Sauce

Hake is the perfect fish, it’s easy to find and takes no time to cook. The sauce is jam-packed with rich flavours that perfectly compliments the fish.



Roast Beef

This recipes teaches you how to cook the perfect roast beef. You can add just about any sides, my favourite – roast vegetables, sautéed carrots and a delicious gravy.


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